The Hosts

As some of you will already know, the podcast has two hosts. We came together in the middle of the pandemic and haven't looked back since. We are two big fans of the sport, who love to discuss a range of topics with one thing guaranteed.. we love a bold take. One thing we certainly all agree on is we don't pretend to be experts. Unless it's food related then we have a lot of first hand experience.


Andy Henson

Andy is the anchor of the podcast. The one that does the prep and controls conversation thankfully. That's as far as his abilities go considering he is a Minnesota Vikings fan and runs the only Kirk Cousins Appreciation Fan Club in the world


James Hill

Like many Brits, I went to Disney World and came back a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan in 2011, have been following the sport properly since 2014 and been addicted ever since.