Fantasy Football - Early Free Agency Losers

Josh Jacobs (Raiders)

This affects me as I do have some stock in Josh Jacobs. After his impressive rookie campaign, he had another solid season last year with another 1300+ total yard season and improving on his touchdown tally from 7 to 12.

So an obvious cause for concern is the signing of Kenyan Drake on a 2 year deal. Now this doesn't overly concern me as I can't really see Drake becoming "The guy" but he is a great change of speed option that can eat into Jacobs play count for sure.

The biggest concern is that the Raiders have decided to dismantle one of their strengths, their offensive line. It started with them cutting controversial guard Richie Incognito, but soon followed this up by trading away former pro bowler Trent Brown.

If that was all they did then you could maybe understand the reasoning but they continued by trading away two more starters. Gabe Jackson was traded to the Seahawks followed by 3x pro bowler Rodney Hudson being traded to the Cardinals, none were traded for much draft capital neither. Now I don't know the plan behind this and in fact I don't think anyone does but to lose that many starters at such an important position group only shouts disaster to me.

A J Dillon (Packers)

When Dillon was taken in the 2nd round of the draft last year it didn't go down too well with Packers fans, partly because they took Jordan Love in the 1st round and didn't get any weapons for Rodgers. It seemed the only reason to take a running back in the second round was as a future replacement for Aaron Jones who was heading into a contract season.

So after the Packers didn't franchise tag Jones earlier in the month everyone believed they were moving on and replacing him with Dillon. Dillon became the most wanted fantasy back, well at least, for a few days anyways but that bubble soon burst after Jones re-signed with the Packers on what I think is a premium running back contract.

The long game still offers owners value but short term he will be playing second fiddle for another season or two if he stays with the Packers.

Deejay Dallas (Seahawks)

This is almost a see above scenario. Deejay Dallas was a later round draft pick but saw the field at times last season especially when Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny was injured but with Carlos Hyde moving on in free agency and it looking likely that Chris Carson was going the same way too, there was a glimmer of hope he could be battling for an opportunity to be a starter next season.

He showed flashes of potential and had 3 touchdowns in his rookie season but now drops back down to third on the depth chart. Instead of battling for starter snaps he will find himself battling with Penny for rotational opportunities behind Carson

Evan Engram (Giants)

There was a buzz around Engram in fantasy last season, people were suggesting that he puts his inconsistency behind him and he makes the leap to a top tier tight end. Well that didn't quite pan out and now he faces being part of a receiving core that has a lot of mouths to feed, even at his own position.

The Kenny Golladay signing now means the Giants have finally found a player who can be a number 1 guy, which then allows Slayton and Shepherd to play more in a complimentary role which I think better suits their skill set. This will result in Engrams targets potentially dropping but on top of all that the Giants signed former Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph.

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