College Football - Players To Watch (Wide Receiver)

These three players you might not have heard about but you need to heading into the 2021 college season. I want to bring some awareness to some of the wide receivers that don't play at the likes of Alabama, Ohio State & Clemson. Below is three wide receivers who have already shown flashes of potential and could storm the College Football world this season

Zay Flowers is fast becoming my favourite wide receiver in College Football.

Great burst off the line, quick overall speed that often gets him into open space. He was heavily involved in all different motions, jet sweeps, lining up either side of the field but often coming out of the slot. Simply put, a huge part of the offence already runs through this guy.

He has the ability to make all the catches which is always what you hope to see as they head towards that next step. Although I did also see him make a few disappointing drops on occasions last season. The positives far out weigh the negatives, I can't see anything than a massive breakout season for him.

Check out some of his tape below.

His speed really shines through but I love how he manages to make tough catches too, especially in the 3rd video where he runs a ankle breaking route before catching the ball with contact coming. In the 2nd video i thought he caught it off the back of the Clemson defender but when you watch again he manages to catch it with his finger tips and hold on despite the contact. Great catch

He certainly supplemented the receiving options behind Marlon Williams who himself went over 1000 yards, Tcollecting 10 touchdowns. Although he's not the biggest guy he has made some pretty good catches in coverage. His biggest strength is once again speed, in the UCF offence last season he connected on the deep ball on a fair few occasions. Although he did have a couple of moments where he seemed to have lapses in concentration, he did appear to have good hands. As for his quarterback Dillon Gabriel, well he has helped his number 1 receiving option go over 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns both of his 2 seasons as starter. Remember Gabby Davis currently on the Bills and as mentioned before Marlon Williams. Now can Jaylon handle being the "guy". He sure has the talent to do so and I believe he does. My only slight concern is the change of head coach for UCF. Gus Malzahn is a very highly rated coach in College Football and you would like to think he will want to put the ball in Dillon Gabriel's hands if this offence is to continue it's success but it will certainly be toned down a little from the UCF Knights offence over the past few seasons. I usually edit my own highlights to a few that stand out, this video below has some great highlights and I find them all fun to watch. If you follow me on twitter you will know my love for Dillon Gabriel, so you get to see the best of both Robinson's ability to make himself available and Gabriel's accuracy to find him. I can't wait to see them this season

Now we are talking. I love the speedsters but give me a big bodied receiver all day long. He still has speed but I love his ability to go up and make a catch. He's a tough player to tackle and hard for most defensive backs to go up against. He still offer yards after the catch but if you need a big target in a big moment, you can throw his way and he will more likely come up with it.

Iowa State head into 2021 with another chance to compete for a Big 12 championship and who knows an outside shout for College Football Playoffs? Alright I'll calm down but they have one of, if not the best running backs in college football with Breece Hall, easily a top 3 tight end in Charlie Kozar and now a great receiver in Xavier Hutchinson. Some are a little unsure how good Brock Purdy is at quarterback but he still is a top 12 quarterback for me. It is all set up for a big year for Iowa State and I believe Xavier Hutchinson improves on his production from 2020 and becomes a big name come the end of the season.

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