In Conversation with Pete Ackerley CEO - BAFA

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Pete has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sporting world from his roles at the FA and the England Cricket Board. The feedback I have already received from a few BAFA teams is he is a breath of fresh air. If his vision is anything to go by, the future could be bright for the sport over this side of the pond.

There is already great work underway with the NFL Academy bringing athletes together and setting them up for bigger opportunities.

Just recently George Reynolds committed to the University of Ottawa to play Divisional 1 Canadian Football. After playing with the Kent Exiles he's been working with the NFL Academy building up his profile to get tape out there. There is also many other examples like Tyrese Johnson-Fisher who has just committed with Copiah Lincoln, Freddie Pelling an Offensive Tackle who has already received 3 Division 1 College offers and many more journeys that are beginning thanks to the Academy.

One of Pete's biggest aims is trying to put the ball in the hands of more children by trying to introduce the sport at school level or by offering after school activities. The biggest challenge is to then improve the level of opportunities at College and University, whilst incorporating younger players into the club structure in the national league.

"Pete was very excited to take this opportunity and views the British American Football game as the best kept secret in sport"

Another big step for BAFA is to become more professional in it's approach, which in turn will open up more possibilities in government funding schemes and future partners which is obviously a big part in growing any sport.

Pete has lofty ambitions too, one of his bigger ambitions includes building a national center for the sport, which would offer top quality training facilities, potential venue for future Britbowl championships and also a future base for NFL teams to use when flying over for the international series. Pete recognises this is a big goal, but why not reach for the stars.

One thing that is very apparent, is Pete's passion for the sport. He's been a fan since the 80s, like so many getting into the sport following the channel 4 days. Pete was very excited to take this opportunity and views the British American Football game as the best kept secret in sport. We couldn't agree more.

We are very excited to see the sport grow over the next few years.

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Episode 50 - Pete Ackerley CEO of BAFA

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